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A new shaver question about brushes

I'm new to this fantastic hobby of shaving and as of yet my experience with brushes is the pure badger brush that came in the art of shaving kit that I bought when I first started out.

With that in mind I would like to know a little about the differences between badger and boar brushes. Also I am a face latherer what would be some brushes that would better serve in that endeavor.

Thank you
Badger has better water and heat retention and requires no break in period. Depending on the grade of hair you will have a variety of tip softness and backbone. Flow through will vary with density.

Boar requires a break in period for the tips to soften up. It has less water and heat retention and density. Backbone is usually very strong.

A good face lathering brush would be a Rooney 1/2 at Vintage Blades.

Welcome to BnB. (And potentially SBAD).
Welcome to B&B for face lathering I prefer short lofts around 45mm for 22 to 24 knots, I don't mind them a little scrubby. Boars I like 50 to 52, the B&B essential is great for soaps. A brush is very much a YMMV thing.
Silvertip gets a lot of attention, but don't discount the "lower" grades. I have a 22mm black badger knot with a 48mm loft set in a Rubberset 49-1 handle and it is *fantastic*! I would not trade it; period. It's scritchy without being scrubby and it exfoliates and pushes lather like there's no tomorrow. It's especially good at building lather on the face, which is my preferred method. As well, it does a terrific job of loading soaps.

Dont nut get me wrong: I very much like my Silvertip, especially with creams. It's softness is a pleasure. But, my black is a true workhorse that delivers time after time.

Hope pet his helps.

All the best,

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