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A "New" Plain Chocolate Beginner / Value Strop

Tony Miller

Found a stash of my older Fast Bridle leather while cleaning the shop and decided to offer some value strops made from it. These are the latest "Plain Chocolate offerings. This batch is a bit "Slower" with a higher oil content similar to latigo resulting in a more medium, than fast draw.

I call these "Plain Chocolate" strops as they are a basic, no frills, get the job done tool. Great leather, great workmanship, just not fancy.

The front component is a medium/heavy weight 8 to 9 oz. Oil/Wax Tanned "Slow" Bridle Leather that has a good medium "magnetic" draw. It is buttery smooth and is ready to use just as it arrives. It is hand worked to give just the right suppleness and to help it resist cupping. While not technically "bridle" leather is has a similar tanning with a slightly higher oil content like Latigo which provides a very nice draw and the waxes and oils helps make this a very stable leather and resistant to movement due to humidity. While this is the same tannage of leather I would use for my Artisan line of strops these may have a few more natural range marks that will have no effect on stropping and very little to no effect on appearance.

These are well suited for someone just starting out, the "Apprentice Shaver", or the experienced shaver that values function over frills and who does not want to make a large investment but still wants a well made strop with a very nice leather. They are all made here in my shop, by me, by hand.

This 3" Dee Ring model comes with a second component of heavy, medium weave cotton and dee ring grips with a snap/swivel/ring top hanger. They have a 3" by 17 1/2" stropping surface and are 24" overall. Even though an entry level strop it still features my original construction design and chamfered and rounded edges. Also available a leather only, single D-ring version for those not wanting a second, cloth component.

IMG_2791.JPG IMG_2792.JPG
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Tony Miller

Thanks guys. Was trying to focus on getting a few more budget friendly options out there right now and hope to make up more "plain" strops in the other leathers when I am back in the shop this week. Just have to see what the hides on hand will yield. My wife and I have been social distancing the past weeks so I have plenty of time to work on paddle strops and other projects now too since we don't go out anywhere.

The Fast Bridle was a popular choice in my Premium Artisan strops the past few years but the leather was discontinued by the tannery but I did have a few partial hides squired away here that looked perfect for some Plain strops.
I have read numerous posts about Tony Miller strops and have decided I need one as my only usable strop is a home made kangaroo strop.

I have two questions. First, does anyone know if Tony sends his strops abroad, and second, how do I purchase one of these Plain Chocolate strops?