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A Month of Boar

I am on my 2nd day of Boar. I just purchased the Semogue 1305. 10 times better than the Men-U (only other boar I tried) brush. For $14 I think it is awesome.

So far it I used Crabtree and Evelyn Nomad and Mamma Bear Mysore sandalwood soap. I produced decent lather on first pass, ok lather on 2nd and 3rd (I loaded for 2 minutes).

Right now it doesn't lather as well as any of my badger and is as soft as my C&E best badger brush.

Once broken in will it be night and day as far as softness and ease/quality of lather compared to how it is now?
How much use does it take for a boar brush to soften up? Any way to accelerate it?

About a month. Depends on what boar brush you have ?

Boars which are trimmed in to shape don't really break in as the ends of the hair have to split. All Omegas, Semogues will break in nice and easy after around 15-20 shaves.

Alternately shampoo (if it stinks) or lather away on a soap and then dry with a hair dryer. Don't get it too hot, but the warmth will split the hairs and cause the brush to break in
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