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A message from Sue (St. Charles)

Hi all -

I received an e-mail from Sue this morning saying that she was having trouble logging in to the forum and she asked me to post this message for her:


Dear Friends,

I want to thank all of you for your many condolences, prayers, and support by private message, email, flowers and cards following the death of my husband Dave. I am overwhelmed at the depth of caring and so touched by you all.

Tuesday, March 7th began as most do; morning coffee together, morning news on TV, planning the day. Dave ran a brief errand for me and collapsed in the car after he pulled into the garage. The cerebral hemorrhage ended his life that afternoon.

Dave was my wonderful husband of 33 years and my best friend, loving father of our children and doting grandpa. My heart is severely broken by his passing.

I need some more time before I resume my soap making. I hope to be able to do that early next month. I wanted to let you all know that your outreach has truly touched my heart.

Sincerely, Sue
Howard, thanks for sharing her message. I was thinking of her this morning. I was going to pm Tony Espo.
Thanks for passing that on Howard.

Take all the time you need Sue. We'll be here when you return.


ditto for passing the message along. i for one will definitely b here when sue gets back and am looking forward to making more purchases(ginger lime rules!).

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