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A man walks into an apothecary

Stop me if you've heard this one...

No seriously, I took my first lap with a soap and face lathering today with a bar that I picked up from the apothecary-type shop I get my witch hazel from. It's a glycerin based shave soap but beyond that I can't recall the ingredients (it does have a citrus smell to it)

I did the brush soak, wet the soap, loaded the bristles with soap and set to lathering. I dipped the brush into water a few times to wet up the lather and it seemed to work reasonably well. The coverage seemed good and the lather was neither too wet or too dry (ostensibly). The shave was smooth with no irritation... Until...

Hit the alum block after rinsing and Whoah Ouchy! That stung a little more than expected. I certainly didn't change my shave angle or pressure and the blade was fresh yesterday. Thinking I may have the lather askew.

I am reticent to post given that the soap is an unknown but am I missing something inmate mix?

Thoughts appreciated.
The lather most likely looked good but provided no real cushion to your shave. Either that or it was drying, so while on your skin it felt fine but once washed off your skin may have been tight/dry.
If no other part of your routine changed bar the soap then that must have been the cause.
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