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A little kit to PIF

Aaaaand the random generator selected @BRC's entry!
I'll message you now to make arrangements... thanks everyone, for your interest and for being great members of the forum. Happy hump day

It's my lucky day - I see your message @jesseix and I'll reply as soon as I have a few minutes. Cheers!
Thank you to @jesseix for this amazing PIF!

With so many people in my life focusing on what's wrong with the world (and a great deal is), it is inspiring and refreshing to know that there is an abundance of kindness, selflessness, and support out there as well.

Even as a new member, I am more impressed every day by B&B and it's community.

I'll be paying it forward as I can, and know from experience that giving is as or more rewarding than receiving - again, cheese and thank you!
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