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A little closer look at Voskhod and Feather blades (SEM Comparison)

Last thread and set of images for the day. Like my previous Med v Lab thread, I took another look at Voskhod and Feather blades this morning and wanted to post the deeper analysis outside the mega SEM thread.

So here's the initial images I made, fresh from the pack, no washing.



Imaged after an IPA wash.

Voskhod (left) - Feather (right):



Mounted on edge.



And lastly, the elemental:



There really isn't any direct comparison between these 2 blades besides they're both really popular choices. In my opinion, the Voskhod clean up really well and look better under the microscope. The feather does appear to be almost 10% thinner overall and has a really fine edge. These may help account for the increased sharpness and lower longevity.
Interesting. I just finished using Feathers for the first time and I have some Voskhods on the way from the blade exchange. This review comes at a great time for me. I'm looking forward to comparing the same two blades -- but I'll use my face instead of a microscope.
You hit one 'right out of the park'!

Awesome work...I love learning more about
blades 'under the microscope'.

On the other hand, I found this (my one & only 'go-to'), blade to be 'awesome', moderately sharp (almost as sharp as a KAI, but much smoother & cheaper), forgiving and perfect with no pulling or tugging, very, very smooth, (albeit a 'weeper' now & then..but zero 'nicks'), no irritation and/or razor burn that 99.9% of the time results in CCS's in 3 passes (WTG, CTG & ATG), with 2 great shaves per blade (I shave every-other day with Saturdays as my shaving 'day off'),...and are very compatible with both of my Merkur 23C & 38C razors. :thumbsup:
"Dа...Время от времени, лезвие может быть между фокусами и изумление". Aнонимный (Translation...“Yes...at times, a razor blade can be between gimmickry and amazement". Anonymous

PS Did you know that Voskhod means 'sunrise'
in Russian?
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I'd really like to see a SEM image of a 7oC Yellow Blade, if you could?

There's a profile view of the Gillette Yellows in the first post of the mega SEM thread. I'll look into doing one of these threads comparing the 7oC varieties, but I'll need to get ahold of some blues.
Uh wow Chris, you put a little bit on time into that reply! Thanks, I'm glad you felt it was informative.
the 500x and 100x (if I'm reading the info correctly) pics of the Feather edge is scary. It seems to be broken off all over the place.
the 500x and 100x (if I'm reading the info correctly) pics of the Feather edge is scary. It seems to be broken off all over the place.

What your seeing is the polymer coating, Teflon in most cases. You can make out the actual metal edger under that coating and it looks good. I wouldn't worry too much about the poly coating because it's designed to wear/fall away with use and is probably gone withing the first few strokes.
I just told my wife that I'm comparing the blades I use to images from a scanning electron microscope and that my geakiness has reached a new high.

Her reply, they probably make a pill for that. And it should be a big one. LOL
lol stuff you do when you have access to an electron microscope. Awesome post, thank you!!

sorta felt like some cop show and we're comparing the weapon in question :closedeye
Great work......pretty interesting stuff......it might make you gag to think about it, but I wonder what cartridge blades would look like magnified like that?
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