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A little closer look at Polsilver SI, Perma-Sharp, and Bolzano (SEM Comparison)

Here's a little closer look at 3 popular blades. First up the Polsilver Super Iridium:

Fresh Polsilver:

IPA Cleaned Polsilver:

Polsilver On Edge:

Polsilver EDS Analysis:

Next the Perma-Sharp:

Fresh Perma-Sharp:

IPA Cleaned Perma-Sharp:

Perma-Sharp On Edge:

Perma-Sharp EDS Analysis:

Lastly, the Bolzano Superinox:

Fresh Bolzano:

IPA Cleaned Bolzano:

Bolzano On Edge:

Bolzano EDS Analysis:

The bevels on all 3 blades look very distinct, but they all appear to be very finely ground. I'm not sure how that translates to sharpness of the blade, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt. These blade also happen to be on the higher end, price scale-wise, but it does appear that the extra money is being used on finer manufacturing techniques and processes.

Bolzano actually has 3 distinct bevel areas and a relatively thick (by appearance) poly coating along its edge. Again, I can't say that it helps or hurts the blades performance, I just know that Bolzano seems to be on par with many of my top blades.

Anyway, take a look and enjoy.
Not that I could detect in the coating. Maybe it's in the alloy or too small to detect.


I just looked up Iridium on my set of energy table and we should see a secondary peak at about 9 keV. The primary peak would require an excitation energy that is beyond my instruments capability. So to better answer that question of where's the Iridium, I don't know if it's there or not, but there is not secondary peak visible.
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Bolzano seems very nice on the pictures, better edge than Polsilver SI edge. If you compare in real shaving those two blades what should you say? Which one is sharper, smoother by your feeling? I have never tried Bolzano blades and those pictures made me very interesting about it. Thanks
Of these 3 blades, my order of preference is the way they're presented. The Polsilvers are the sharpest/smoothest on my face, then the Perma-Sharps, then the Bolzanos. All 3 give me a nice smooth shave, but I like the Polsilvers the best. Going on price alone, the Perma-Sharps are the better deal in terms of shave quality per cost.

The Bolzanos are a high quality blade, no doubt, but the cost is relatively high and I get better shaves from much cheaper offerings.
Thanks Evil4blue for the response, nice pictures & analysis.

So far, I gonna stay with the Polsilver SI & Astra SP, and periodically test some other brand names.
Funny, just by eyeing it, it appears that the Bolzanos edge is the smoothest appearing on the 1000 times magnification while the Perma-Sharp has the most jagged and inconstant blade edge at the same magnification. That would lead me to believe that the Bolzanos would be the smoother and cleanest cutting of the blades followed by the Polsilver and then the Perma-Sharp. I have no science to back that . It is just an observation of an untrained eye. I use Polsilvers and I then to feel they tug occasionally ATG. I have not used the other two though want to try the Bolzanos
Thanks Evil4blue for the response, nice pictures & analysis.

So far, I gonna stay with the Polsilver SI & Astra SP, and periodically test some other brand names.

Polsilver SI (along with Feathers) are my favorite blades. However - due to a much higher per blade cost, my daily blades are Astra SPs and Personna Labs.

In my experience, I find Labs to slot nicely between Polsilvers and the Astra SPs. They are 99% the smoothness of Astras but last a few shaves more.
I agree with Fudd...The edge on that Bolzano is straight and smooth,even at the highest magnification,unlike the others.This should equate to a smoother shave,but those jagged edge blades also shave very nice as well....Really tough to make an iron clad assessment.
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