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    As an avid brush collector that has been buying brushes for several years, it isn't often that I run across something that "I just gotta have". However, while suffering from insomnia the other night I decided to take a stroll through my usual sites looking to see what was available. I ran across a listing for this "LARGE" shaving brush and at first glance thought it was just another Plexi brush. Upon closer look the proportioning of the knot and handle just didn't seem right and without any size reference in the pictures I took a gamble and made the purchase. Less than a week later, this monster was delivered to my office:



    Now, this may not seem like anything other than a nice vintage Plisson European White. Let's put some perspective on the size real quick.

    (From left to right: Plisson Size 6 EW, Plisson Size 22 EW, Plisson Size 14 HMW)

    This brush is an absolute beast! I don't even think I will be able to face lather with it (though you know I will try). The knot is 30mm in diameter with a loft measuring in at 78mm. The largest brush manufactured by Plisson currently is the Size 20, with a 28mm knot, and even those are pretty rare. This Plisson Size 22 must have been a special order used for store display.

    After taking these photos I proceeded to get it all cleaned up and it holds a LOT of water in the knot and took a LOT of shampoo to get the hair cleaned up. The handle and decal do show signs of wear and there is a little bit of residue around the rim of the socket indicating that somebody has at least lathered this brush in the past. I will continue my cleaning and sanitizing routine over the weekend and see if I can't find a way to actually use the brush next weekend. This will most likely end up as a shelf queen and hanging out with my Ogee (Simpson) #312 on display.

    One final Plisson family photo:
  1. Really cool brush, congratulations.

    DCRIII Contributor

    Congrats on scoring such a beautiful brush!
  3. Nice looking brush. I do like a 30mm knot but I usually bowl lather.
  4. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

  5. The 30mm knot isn't the part that concerns me, it's the 78mm loft! :a47:
  6. Wonderful find, congrats! :a14:
  7. Lovely looking brush. :001_tt1:
  8. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    Great display brush, certainly rare!
  9. Now that is a monster
  10. WONDERFUL BRUSH! Truly an monster!
  11. Omg, that's like a dream brushes family photo... :drool
  12. Holy Mackerel! Fantastic score. The family brush photo looks great too. Lovely collection.
  13. I test lathered some hard soap last night (Fine American Blend) and it loaded just fine. Trying to palm lather with circular strokes was a bit tricky with the floppy loft, switching over to painting strokes was the ticket. I'll post up some post-bloom pics later, I'm waiting on a wider angle lens so I can capture it.
  14. Dave, that Plisson in the front right looks like it has amazing facefeel.
  15. Good eye, it is the brush all of my others hope to be someday. I actually had it's twin that I sold years ago and that brush has made the rounds, each owner proclaiming it's amazing softness. Gel tips are nice, but there is something special about a very well sourced and sorted natural badger knot. I have some other vintage brushes that come close and a few that come very close, but I have yet to try a modern brush that is even in the same league, including Plisson themselves.
  16. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Should be great for face lathering. One swipe will cover a side! :001_rolle
  17. Time to start head shaving (legs, too). Beautiful brush.
  18. +1
  19. Here is a bloom pic after cleaning, sanitizing and a test lather.


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