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I based that comment (Vulfix's super being what other mfrs call silvertip) on what I was told by the shaving guy at Classic Shaving. I've ordered a Rooney and a Simpson, so I'll soon be able to compare directly. (SBAD---somehow picked that up, but it's fairly mild compared to my RAD.) :blush:
I somehow managed to lose my post, but I shall try and recreate the sense of it here. I have noted that over time the Classic Shaving web site's Vulfix Supers had the phrase Sometimes called Silvertip in their writeup. I will not try to guess the motives for putting this in the writeups, but at best it leads to confusion. It is especially confusing for the new wetshaver that is probably ignorant of the differences in quality, performance, and price. Now that Vulfix markets many of those same models with silvertip quality hair as silvertip for a premium price, this practice is probably best labeled Sometimes Called Deceptive.
I have noted other oversights in that same area. As a for instance, the Vulfix #41 is identified in the diagram on the Classics web page as having a 30mm knot. The manufacturer specifies it as having a 26mm knot. The following picture should leave no doubt in your mind as to the size.


The brushes from left to right are
Ed. Jagger for Crabtree & Evelyn Super (Knot size unspecified)
Vulfix #41 Purchased from Classicshaving 30mm knot per Classicshaving
Custom Shavemac Silvertip 26mm Knot
Savile Row 3128 Silvertip 28mm Knot
Kent BK-12 32mm Knot

Take it for what it is worth. It's the old Caveat Emptor on the web.
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Very interesting and useful. Many thanks. That Savile Row is quite handsome... I just got a Simpson's today from Em's. (As I said elsewhere, by SBAD isn't severe at all---compared to the RAD.)
I couldn't find the Savile Row 3128 using Google, but I did send a query to QED. Maybe they know about it.
Hi Michael,
You can get some additional information on the Savile Row Silvertip models and prices here. Charles at QED is the person to contact for sales and availability. There is a review of the 3128 in the Shaving Brushes subforum too.
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