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A great experience with Rockwell Customer Service for my 6S

I bought my 6S directly from Rockwell back during Black Friday 2019, but I had blade alignment issues. The blade was more exposed on one end and less exposed on the other. For nearly a year and a half I just assumed this was the way the razor was supposed to be so I never really did anything about it. A few months ago I asked about this issue on this forum, and kind people here told me that Rockwell will make it right if I contact them. After a week or so of emailing with Brar over at Rockwell so that we could get aligned on what the issues were with my razor, he had a new top cap and handle sent over to me. I paid $7.50 for shipping and nothing for the replacement parts. I am happy to report that the blade exposure across all plates is consistent now.
Yes, they were great with my 6S when I had some minor threading issues. A replacement top cap was sent to the UK within days. Top quality customer service, so rare nowadays that it really sticks in one's mind.
Imo shipping should be on them, but at least they didn't deny your claim all together.
I don't even have a $200 Phillips Sonicare paper weight now. Stopped working a month after I got it. Had to send it in, they claim it must've been dropped to no longer turn on after such a short time.
It was never dropped, in fact I toweled it off after each use and babied it like one of my razors.
To boot, they wanted me to pay return shipping.
I'll never purchase anything from Phillips again!
They are good. Not the most responsive, but eventually they will fix things.

I had a tiny bubble in the finish in the head of my red 6S. Emailed them a few times and they finally send me a replacement.

Emailed them again about returning the original razor and they told me to keep it.

Ended up trading the new one for a shaving brush as I didn’t need 2 of the same razor. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I've had wonderful experiences with Rockwell.
I'm not surprised they resolved the issue.
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