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    Today was a good day. I have been shaving with me DE for 15 days now with no blood.
    I have been putting off shaving my head out of fear seeing blood and skin from my scalp hanging down over my eyes.
    Today I bit the bullet and decided the time was now. I put a new Nacet in the Ti .95 SB and started mixing cream.
    I did a one pass with the grain and one pass against the grain. No across and no touch up.
    I did not have a BBS but 90% or above.
    Woo Hoo! No cuts or blood.
    Did I mention my wife walked in at the end and asked why it was taking so long? Then she popped my bubble and said I thought you were shaving your head from the first day.
  1. :a14::a14::a14::a14::a14:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! :a14::a14:
  3. Bravo
  4. LOL. That was very satisfying, I assume. :302::302::302::a14::a14::a14:
  5. It was satisfying because I expected a few cuts. Since I have never shaved with a DE I did not know whether to shave my head with my right, dominant, hand or use both.
    I shave my face using only my right hand. With a Fusion I use both hands on my head. I decided not to change anything and use both hands on my head and it worked.
    I could tell the difference of using a little more pressure with my left so I had to be careful and back that off. I'm sure there will be cuts but at least now I know the Ti .95 is okay for shaving my head. I wanted to find out inside of 30 days in case I needed to exchange for a Ti .68.
    With the success yesterday the Ti .95 seems to be the right one for my shaving style. I know there will be blood in the future but now I feel more confident. Just need 90 days under my belt to get my technique down to where my time is reduced. Plus experiment with a few more blades.
    I since this is the only DE I have ever used I can't compare it but have to give a thumbs up to Timeless.
    It was just funny that my wife did not understand the difference in cartridge shaving and thought I had been using the new Ti on my head since day one.
    Then to make it worse, she liquidated her parents belongings last summer when her Mom passed away, and she told me yesterday she sold a couple DE's and bowls in the estate sale her father had. He was in his 90's so have no idea what he had. She said she put a price tag of $5.00 on them.
    We live in Florida and they live in Nashville so I was not there to see them. O'Well
  6. Very nice, congratulations! It was particularly good to read that once your shave was finished you had no skin hanging down over your eyes!!

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