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A Good Morning (or what is your morning smoke)

Woke up this morning and it was cold and rainy outside. I walked into my man cave, turned on the TV (old episodes of M.A.S.H) were playing. I fixed me a cup of coffee and a packed a bowl of Early Morning Pipe. I think it's going to be a good day.
The funny thing is that I hated my first bowl of EMP. I have a tendency to puff on my pipes pretty good and I think that makes EMP harsh. This morning, I took my time with it and the experience was much better.
Chelsea Morning, in a Stanwell Rhodesian, while playing on the ham radio this AM. And of course, the mandatory coffee.

I keep meaning to try EMP, just never makes it in the cart.
You're off to a great start. I am working on my porch this morning, enjoying coffee and EMP as well. Love this blend.


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Maybe do a “what you smoking this morning”?

Some Petit Robin in a Falcon for me.
Sadly most of my bowls through the week are late in the evening. Even on the weekends they tend to be evening and an occasional bowl mid day.
I have the time when I get up in the morning. I don' t know why I never smoked a bowl first thing in the morning. I will definitely be changing that.
For me it’s usually whatever is in my tobacco pouch; so usually an english or oriental blend rare is VA blend. You Vaper heathens need not apply
I've had about three cups of coffee -- now I'm gonna go out on the porch with a bowl of Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic and just enjoy the prospect of another lovely Fall day.
This morning I had a four hour drive ahead of me, so I loaded up a Morgan Bones Bent Brandy with some Sutliff Ready Rubbed Match, a Meerschaum (one-of-a-kind, carved myself) with HH Burley Flake , and a Stanwell Brown Brushed 234 with two coins PS LBF folded & stuffed, and had a very enjoyable drive.


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I was born this very morning, 50ish years ago. Just got off work and am celebrating it with some Chatham Manor in a cob and a couple stiff shots of Jim Beam. Then taking my rear to bed and sleeping the day away.
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