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    FCF1CC0C-8AAF-49AF-90D6-929A4A51F11B.jpeg 38192FD5-6B54-4CF3-8EB0-0795865986B0.jpeg E35E3ED7-50EE-472C-8344-928FD0CFDE0E.jpeg FB60FC0F-059A-42E3-9A17-33DA00906BFA.jpeg 5666C509-3956-4ADA-8AC9-A923D346A5EE.jpeg 8BAC66B3-8EC4-46B4-8A40-1B0DD3889E5A.jpeg B955FAA8-06F7-437E-B068-E97ABDBC7D94.jpeg 3D057F60-833A-434F-99ED-3246A67E5A9E.jpeg 8F86A56B-ACB4-41BA-8CEA-B171F82F676A.jpeg 3 razors in flawless condition:

    1) One Blade, v. 2. Used fewer than 5 times. Comes with about 90 blades in and in original box with synthetic brush. Only flaw is slight dent on outer box. The razor and stand are pristine. Retail of about $450 with blades; yours for $275.

    2) Polished Asylum SE. Used 3 times. No longer available. Mint. Comes in original box. Retails for $260; yours for $175. Will throw in 20 KAI AC blades if you buy the razor for $175.

    3) Polished Asylum Evolution T (aggressive). Used about 5 times. Mint. Comes with the mild plate also (but in matte). Don’t have box. Will ship in an ATT box. Retails for about $260; yours for $165.


    4) Two Eufros soaps. Sandalwood double puck. Best Sandalwood I’ve ever smelled. Used once. Retails about $50; yours for $30. An unused GEA. Retails about $30; yours for $20.

    5) PAA Cane set. Soap and splash used once. Retails $45; yours for $25. CAD soap used once. Retails for $15; yours for $10.

    6) SV Sicilia 4.3. Used twice. Retails around $30; yours for $20.

    7) Panama Splash/spray. Used twice. Retails for $60; yours for $35;

    8) KAI DE blades—14 unopened tucks (70) blades. Retails about $30; yours for $20;

    9) Four Stirling Witch Hazels. Retails around $40; yours for $20 for all four or $6 each.

    All prices include CONUS shipping. Only orders of $30 or more please. I don’t want to ship 20 packages.

    Thanks for looking!
  1. Sorry, 2nd PAA soap is Good Vibrations, not CAD

    KAI blades and GEA soap sold PF.

    Thanks for looking,


    Eufros Sandalwood sold.

    KAI blades and GEA soap are both sold.

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    SV MD Sicilia sold. Thanks for the interest B&B!

    Both Eufros, the SV, and the KAI blades are all sold now.

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  2. No trades please. Thanks

    1) One Blade now $255;
    2) Asylum DE now $150;
    3) Asylum SE now $160;
    4) Entire PAA lot now $30;
    5) Panama 1924 AS now $30

    Thanks for looking,


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  4. Panama AS Sold.

    Thanks for shopping!

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  5. Asylum Rx SE sold.

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  6. Asylum Evolution DE sold!

    One Blade reduced to $240.

    Thanks for shopping!

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  7. FINAL REDUCTION. The whole PAA lot and all the Stirling Witch Hazels for $40 shipped, CONUS

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  8. One Blade Sold!

    Only the PAA lot and Stirling Witch Hazels remain.

    Take everything left for $40 shipped CONUS.

    Thanks for shopping

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