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A DIY Homemade Sink Bridge.


"Look what I found"
I made this last spring out of a drop piece on composite decking. Cypress, redwood, teak or cedar would have been excellent choices but a drop piece of deck was right in my face. The one end had a hole cut just larger than the faucet to lock into place. Overall length is cut so when I am honing I lean into it and my oversized belly holds tightly in place. The top is routered down about 1 mm so stones have a lip to hold in place and water to drains out during water only finishing. The bridge has a nice footprint and is very stable on the counter and with the stones. A nice DIY project other than two hours of my life it has zero cost.
More money to buy stones.
Pictured with a 10 inch Coti.

IMG_0813.JPG IMG_0814.JPG



The Fur Burglar!
Very nice work, Tim. I saw that in another thread and was impressed. I bought a really expensive sing bridge from CKTG and used it 3-4 times and didn't care for it at all so I made one similar to yours.

That big coti makes me drool
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