A disconcerting but revealing soap experience

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Polarbeard, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Polarbeard

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    I've just had a disconcerting, but revealing experience. I woke up wondering how many shaving soaps and creams I actually have acquired over the years so I pulled out the very large plastic box and decided to count the content of it and moved it to a shelf in a wardrobe. There were 65 soaps/creams/croaps in the box, 61 of them are totally unused, some of them still are in bubble wrapping.

    My policy is to have a limited number of soaps in my rotation and I try to use them up before replacing any of them. I use up about four of them per year. I do have a categorisation of them:
    1. Tabac (Always in my rotation)
    2. Sandalwood
    3. Neutral (to go with any cologne)
    4. Rose
    5. Variety is the spice of life.
    So all in all I have 70 soaps/creams/croaps. If I continue to consume 4 soaps a year this means that I have soaps for another 17.5 years. I've had a hunch of that it was pretty bad so I have pifed a lot of soaps, but you can only give away a certain amount of soaps to your friends before they start to suspect that you are giving them hints regarding their personal hygiene.

    Conclusion: I don't have to concern myself with how much soap I spend and I won't buy any more.

    Now I need you to come out and confess that you're even worse out than I am. There's nothing more soothing, when it comes to a bad conscience, than the knowledge that there are others that are even worse.:)
  2. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    I’m sorry. I’m a piker. I can’t help you. But, I don’t believe you need to have a bad conscience about a box of fine soaps.
  3. Dang Arne!

    I only had about 8 full sized soaps the first couple years of my journey (2 for the very first year and a half). I was recently increased to about 15 to some generous friends who wanted to offload their unliked or “just OK” soaps. It’s been a real treat! I can’t imagine staring at 70+ every day wondering what to use...

    Better start loading em like you hate em!
  4. And here I thought I was bad with 12. I’ve only got 4 years worth.

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  5. Dragonsbeard

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    Your not alone my friend. I was inspired by this post and just got done counting my soaps and creams and I was shocked that I have 67! An that’s not counting the more than 20 samples I have in a big jar and the 2 new soaps I just ordered from MDC and SV last week. So I immediately pulled 8 of them out of the collection that I’ll sell and that’s without opening them up to smell them. I’m going to open the ones I’m not sure about over the next few days and see how many more I can clear out.
    Where we differ is I use a lot of different soaps from my collections o .basiclly I don’t have a rotation but I do have my favorites I use based on the Cologne I’want to use that day. Also got them separated by the time of year as far as scent goes. Like right now it’s very hot out so there are soaps like the leather, woody, Oud and other heavier spicy scents I won’t use until fall and winter. Same goes for a lot of my Aftershaves & Colognes. Their seasonal to me.

    So thanks for getting me to do what I should have done a while ago!
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  6. Wow! I currently have two tub soaps and a shave stick which are in use. In the spares tin I have one more tin of soap and some spare shave sticks ... and that feels excessive to me. I can't imagine what seventy soaps would feel like.
  7. I am currently trying (and failing) to keep my soap collection to a Baker’s Dozen. I am well aware that if I’m not actively keeping track, it WILL quickly get out of hand.

    So many soaps, so little time...
  8. I'm like you, I try to have a limited number in the rotation and finish them before I open a new one.
    However, I only have 7 "in stock" and 3 in rotation so I guess I'm a hardcore minimalist compared to most of you...
  9. My stash, collection, stockpile is split upin different locations so thats my excuse not to count. I do use most everything at least once ive never finished anything yet
  10. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    There are several ways to see this ...

    I have a spice cabinet in the kitchen. Without doubt, the lemon pepper will cake up, bay leaves crumble, and others lose their potency ... But they really didn't cost much, and give me fine options while cooking.

    Will I live long enough to use up 70 colognes and dozens of soaps? Doubtful. Will I buy more? Yes. They add more enjoyment to life than their cost takes away.

    There's about 50 vintage Gilletes floating around here; they'll never be consumed. Yet there's this one model I still don't have ...

  11. Well said!
  12. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    I've been 3017ing since late 2012 for this very reason. Alas, my stash seems to be breeding...
    ???????- Oct.14.2012.....Col.Conk Amber (small puck)
    Oct.15 - Dec.19.2012.....VDH Deluxe
    Dec.20 - Jan.07.2013.....Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (partial tub)..... Wowwee!!!!
    Jan.08 - Mar.06.2013.....C&E Sienna cream
    Mar.07 - Mar.28.2013.....Mama Bear Aged Spice (mug soap; they're so tiny, they're cute!)
    Mar.29 - May.25.2013.....Palmolive Classica Naturale cream
    May.26 - Jun.22.2013.....Proraso Green tube (partial tube, old formula)
    Jun.23 - Sep.27.2013.....TOBS Sandalwood cream (I love sandalwood products)
    Sep.28 - Nov.02.2013.....Mama Bear Northwoods (partial puck)
    Nov.03 - Dec.14.2013.....Mama Bear Amber Romance (partial puck)
    Dec.15 - Jan.31.2014.....Klar Kabinett (partial, suspended to 3017 D.R.Harris PIF)
    Feb.01 - Aug.29.2014.....D.R. Harris Arlington ........ Nope, no typo; 215 shaves from that puck
    Aug.30 - Sep.29.2014.....Klar Kabinett (back in use after the Arlington finished)
    Sep.30 - Oct.15.2014.....Rose of Bulgaria cream (partial tube)
    Oct.16 - Oct.20.2014.....D.R. Harris Almond (partial tube)
    Oct.21 - Oct.31.2014.....RazoRock XXX (partial tub)
    Nov.01 - Dec.24.2014.....Blue Willy (grated Williams soaked in Aqua Velva)
    Dec.25 - Feb.20.2015.....Dr Dittmar
    Feb.21 - Mar.31.2015.....12 cream samples from Mr Bingle Secret Santa
    Apr.01 - Apr.19.2015.....Mama Bear Lime Ice (partial puck)
    Apr.20 - Jun.22.2015.....Captain's Choice Bay Rum (1/2 container)
    Jun.23 - Aug.13.2015.....Mama Bear Winter Grapefruit (partial puck)
    Aug.14 - Oct.10.2015.....Godrej round
    Oct.11 - Nov.20.2015.....Mitchell's Wool Fat (partial puck)
    Nov.21 - Jan.05.2016.....Mama Bear Cucumber Mint (partial puck)
    Jan.06 - Feb.15.2016.....Mama Bear Dragon's Blood (partial puck)
    Feb.16 - Apr.17.2016.....Cella, Crema da Barba all'Olio di Mandorla
    Apr.18 - May.22.2016.....Klar Kabinett (partial puck) **** converted to Nougat blend with 5 other soaps
    May.23 - Jun.07.2016.....Proraso Sandalwood (partial tube)
    Jun.08 - Sep.27.2016.....nougat (partials of Klar Kabinett, Valobra stick, La Toja stick, Mama Bear's Hydrogen, Mama Bear's Hazelnut, and Arko)
    Sep.28 - Oct.28.2016.....Samples (Stone Cottage Hesperides, Mama Bear Spicey Lime)
    Oct.29 - Nov.10.2016.....WSP Tobacco, travel puck
    Nov.11 - Nov.21.2016.....WSP Matterhorn, travel puck
    Nov.22 - Jan.10.2017.....Monsavon
    Jan.11 - Feb.01.2017.....Godrej round (suspended to participate in 3017 WILLIAMS thread)
    Feb.02 - Apr.07.2017.....Vegan Willy (grated Williams soaked in Lilac Vegetal)
    Apr.08 - May.14.2017.....Godrej round (continuation)
    May.15-xxx.xx.xxxx.....P.160 Tipo Morbido (650g)
  13. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    I try to be a minimalist but I am not doing so well. I have 9 soap pucks, 15 shave sticks, and 2 creams. Only 7 aftershaves.
    If I had it to do over I would have held the sticks to 4, pucks to 3, and creams to 1 and aftershaves to 3. But it's too late now.
  14. musicman1951

    musicman1951 Contributor

    I have been heading in the opposite direction, but I have clear favorites. Some shavers love variety, I love to use one of my favorites.

    I just started a jar of MdC that will last over a year with daily use. I have a tub of CF Lavender that will suffice for my occasional desire for something different. At some point about 6 months or so from now I'll get another tub of WK Bare Naked. I have a tub of Haslinger's that mostly serves as my travel soap. That's it for me.
  15. DR Harris and Cade in rotation. MWF and Haslingers in the wings. Couple VDH pucks in reserve for travel + a Godrej round.
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  16. I started making soap last year and experimenting with scents, so I have 12 or so experiments of various weights waiting to get used up. Also bought all the Haslinger scents last winter, some MWF, Tabac, and one of the Oglalla flavors, and had four Col. Conks from when I started. Couple pucks of Williams since it's in the local grocery. Couldn't resist a dozen Arko sticks, and just for fun got a Palmolive stick and a Derby cause, well, shipping.

    Then I discovered I use VERY little soap per shave....

    Will make more shaving soap eventually, but mostly because I didn't use any perservative in the first batches and they are slowly going rancid and may not last long enough to actually use. Otherwise, I'm fixed for at least a decade.

    No more soap purchases for me, I like my own better.
  17. I hadn't amassed such a stockpile...but it was sizable enough to prompt me to do a number of PIFs.
    I'm keeping some good ones aside for the St. Sue auction too.
  18. I keep the soaps in my current rotation in the bathroom (probably enough for 2-3 years)!

    That way I don’t need to count the back-ups and extras stashed in my shop!! :a29:
  19. I think resistance is futile. I see a new artisan soap with great reviews and voila I am shaving with the new found soap. I wish you the best on your soap hiatus. I have SSAD something fierce, there is no cure. Too much ain't enough. Life is too short and soaps for me are a lot less expensive than other hobbies...
  20. I’m no help. Only 50 or so. Probably at least 20 I’ll never use.

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