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    Let's see those groupings and range photos.
    What's your range gun today?
  2. Ok, as a noob here I've missed last years efforts, but here's a pic of my best paper group from comp last year.

    $Best paper group.jpg

    This was the last group of the first detail of the morning at the North Rocks range (Sydney, Aus). Pity I couldn't repeat the effort.
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  4. Great grouping KatoomDownUnder! What was the weapon used and range?
  5. 50M using my Walther KK300 .22 Target rifle. Was shooting in a 60 shot English match and ended up having a shocker of a day. That particular range faces South and so ends up with huge amounts of splash back with sunlight reflecting off the targets, which makes things difficult. I was really worried about this frame as I couldn't see where the shots were going through my spotting scope and until we collected the targets, I thought I'd managed to put most of this group off paper :001_huh:

    $L1021229 (800x535)_1.jpg
    Me training mid 2014
  6. Shot this with my 10/22 25yds


  7. Here's my best effort for today's training session.
    $best training 18_01_15.jpg

    My decimal scores for today were 204.6 and 204.0 or in the old system 195 and 198 from 200.

    Now to get better and stay consistent. :blink:
  8. I took a trip to my local indoor range (Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, TX) yesterday. I wasn't really working on anything in particular other than wanting to run another 200 rds through the new Ruger SR1911 CMD to get it really worked in since it's my new carry gun, but I ended up bringing a lot more when I started to pack up my things at the house to head to the range.

    S&W 642 J Frame: 50 rds of 158gr .38spl fmj
    Springfield Armory XD40 4" Service: 50 rds of 180gr .40s&w fmj
    Ruger SR1911 CMD: 200 rds of 230gr .45acp fmj
    AMD-65 (Hungarian AK carbine): 120 rds of 123gr 762x39 soft point and hollow point. I brought it along to fine tune the red dot optic.

    Apologies for the poor quality cell phone pics from the indoor range...

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    ^^ Awesome Sauce!
  10. 10 yards, 17 rounds, Ruger P95, Defensive Pistol Course II

  11. [​IMG]

    Got my 6.8 AR out today and broken in finally. That group was after 75 rounds of break in routine of shoot then clean. Just under 1" with the flyer! Pretty stoked by it!
  12. I finally got around to taking my conceal carry class a couple of weeks ago. We had to fire ten shots from each distance of 5,7 and 10 yards. I used my Springfield XD 40.

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  13. $11057614_10205110634097934_1458861975104731635_n.jpg This is the first 5 shot group I have fired from my new 6BR Norma. and the first group I have fired this year. Not bad for a fouling group. I think the rifle has some possibilities.
  14. I took my daughter on her first range trip. She shot 50 rounds through a .22 Chipmunk and had a blast. I also put 50 rounds through my new S&W M&P Shield 9mm. Then we went and got a couple of burgers. It was a good day.

  15. Great to see juniors out and about being taught with appropriate firearms.
  16. My daughter turns 12 this month and can legally attend ranges for practice, something she has been eager for!!
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    My son (16) and his rifle team mentored 21, 9-12 year olds Saturday. Intro to firearms, firearms and range safety, shot three targets each at 50-feet prone. Everyone had an awesome time, some very proud and mature young people leaving the range. :biggrin1:

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    I ran (and participated in) a Steel Challenge match at my range Saturday. Three sets, 5-strings each, several new shooters and lots of fun teaching and shooting. Best part was having my son help run the match and watch him shoot. :biggrin1:

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  20. Haven't been able to get out to the range as much as I used to the last few years. When I do I thoroughly enjoy it. Hope the economy and home life gets better so I can get back into it! :gunsmilie:


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