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A couple of TGN Re Knots

Here are a couple of old handles that I cleaned up and reknotted with badger from Tony at TGN. The cream colored one is a nice Erskine handle with a good shape and feel (in my hand that is) reknotted with a 22mm Grade A Silver tip knot. The other is an EverReady 105T (was actually butterscotch on bottom lightened up to what I assume is a close to original color when I lightly sanded away stains and pits. Hopefully the wonderful yellow color will return but I am not sure. The knot is silvertip badger 21mm from Tony.
What are the lofts of the brushes?

I would be lying if I told you I know or took it into consideration....just wanted to try my hand and had a couple decent donor handles:confused1

Okay, I just measured and it is about 55mm on each, handles are at 60mm each, so around 115mm total height. Pretty decent size brushes...
Thank you...they are fantastic knots (feel and performance). I am totally sold on Tony at TGN!!!

+1...have dealt with him once in the past. He's got great stuff.

I'm moving to a bigger place in about a month...first priority...by brush building/restoration workshop!
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