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A Comprehensive Visual Rundown of What a REAL Green Irish Tweed Looks Like (2022 Update)

Having recently bought a 120 ml/3.4 oz bottle of Creed Green Irish Tweed from Walmart.com, I was surprised at how little information was available to discern a fake GIT from the real GIT, so I thought that I would update the earlier fine work on here from 2011 with the most current information and pictures to help you determine whether that bottle of GIT that you bought is real or fake. Most importantly, that fine post on here is out of date because the bottle shape has changed significantly since that 2011 post, as I will show below, and there is no longer a 120ml/3.4 oz size. The correct size now is 100 ml/3.3oz according to the Creed Boutique website. Once you have both a real bottle and box and the fake bottle and box, it is really a snap to figure out. Although there are many differences, I will try to point out the obvious ones.

Let's look at the box first:
Comparison Box Front.jpeg

As you can see,
1. The real box (L) has completely different engraving on it. This matches the official picture on the Creed Boutique website.
2. The Creed seal is raised an embossed gold. The fake is flat.
3. The box itself is no longer embossed with the Creed logo.
4. The Green center is actually a velvety material and raised slightly. The fake is flat, with the wrong engraving. The surrounding square is raised and gold; the fake is flat.
5. The wrong size. GIT comes in a 100 ml size now, not 120 ml.
6. The real box is obviously slightly taller.

The back of the box:
Comparison Box Back.jpeg

The back of the box is completely different. No comparison. If you look at the real box's back, it is not at all similar.

Here is the top of the box:
Comparison Box Top.jpeg

Again, the real box top (L) looks nothing like the top of the fake box.

Here is the comparison of the bottom:
Comparison Box bottome.jpeg

The real box's bottom (L) is again completely different. Moreover, the Lot number matches the Lot number stamped on the bottom of the bottle. You will see below that the fake bottle has no lot number stamped on it at all.

Here is the side of the boxes:
Comparison Box Side.jpeg

The fake box (R) has printing on the side, the real box has no printing on the side.

Now for the bottles themselves:
Comparison Bottle Front.jpeg

The real bottle (now on the right) has a completely different shape. In addition, although difficult to see in this photo, the "Creed" logo is printed crisply and has a polished surface, whereas the fake is not crisp and is all matte black. You can also see that the shape of the cap is completely different now.
Here is a comparison of the engraved lettering on the bottles:
Comparison Bottle Front Fonts.jpeg

Again, the fake (L) is completely different in font size, layout and content.

Let's look at the top of the cap:
Comparison Bottle Top.jpeg

The real bottle (R) now has the gold Creed insignia on the top, has a completely different shape and the actual insignia is different.

The bottom of the bottle is also different:
Comparison Bottle Bottom.jpeg

The layout of the bottom is completely different, the lettering is cleaner, and although it is difficult to see, the lot number is stamped into the bottle in the middle and the lot number matches the lot number on the box.

The Insert cards:
Comparison Insert Cards.jpeg

The insert card in the real bottle (R) has much clearer images, the font is different, the content is different ("absolute of flowers" vs. Flower absolutes," Hesperidia vs citrus fruits, etc.), the gold around the pictures is raised on the real card and flat on the fake, and the correct URL is at the bottom (there is no "creed.eu"). The real card has embossing similar to the real box. In addition, the real box has the card neatly filed on top and it is the first thing that you see. On my fake at least, it was not folded and was inside the box. There is also a folded card with the story of Creed. The fake was entirely in Arabic. The real one was in English.

Opening the boxes, the real Creed box has a black cardboard insert that neatly fits over the cap, so that when you remove the cards, the cap with the gleaming gold is the next thing you see. On the fake, the insert that folds over the cap is not accurately cut, and doesn't fit neatly.

Other observations:
A friend gifted me a tiny bottle of real GIT, which I loved. A little went a long way and lasted for some time. The fake smelled good but smelled like a diluted version of the real thing. The fragrance lasted about 3 minutes. With the real thing, the fragrance was just like the tiny sample, and lasted at least 4 hrs. So there you have it. Determining whether you have bought Real vs. Fake Creed Green Irish Tweed is a piece of cake once you compare it to the pictures above. Note that Creed does apparently change the box and bottle from time to time, as the excellent post from 2011 compared to this one shows. If you want to be sure about whether the box or bottle have changed, first step is to go to the Creed website and see what the current images look like.

I hope that this has been helpful for determining real GIT from fake!
just a brief addendum. First, the fake box shows 120ml/4 oz., and the fake bottle shows "100ml/3.4 oz" . . another dead giveaway. Also on the real bottle, the square around the green velvety center is actually a raised silver, not gold as it appears in the picture. The fake label appears to be a flat stick-on label.

Here also is a better picture of the bottom of the real GIT bottle:
Real Bottle Bottom.jpeg
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