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A brush for soaps?

Hi Gents

I am currently using a Vulvix 2235, which is very floppy and works great for creams. However, becuase of its floppiness, it is horrible for soaps. I have been doing a lot of research on a good brush I can use for soaps, and I am almost sold on a Simpson The Colonel.. Before I make the purchase, does anyone have any other suggestions or opinions?
Yes, I'd like to hear from anyone with experience with this as I have a Simpson Colonel on its way.
My Simpson Colonel X2L Best works extremely well with soaps and creams alike. It has enough backbone yet is remarkably soft, which as a face latherer, I truly love. My absolute favourite brush at the moment is my trusted EJ Medium Silvertip. Incredibly soft, but still lathers triple milled soaps like the devil.

Colonel X2L is a great soap brush. I love mine. There are, however, a number of great boars to be had at a lower price point that also rip up the soaps.
The Colonel is very good for soaps, I just received mine this week and did a series of test lathers with it. It did a great job with all the soaps i tried, MWF, DR Harris, Trumper's and Tabac. It's probably the best value for money badger brush out there.
Just to do a comparison , can someone give me an example of a boar brush so I can read up some reviews on a certain one?

Just to do a comparison , can someone give me an example of a boar brush so I can read up some reviews on a certain one?


Take a look at the Semogue 1305. It's a tremendous brush that works very well right out of the box, and only gets better as it breaks in. There is a very nice Brush Chronicle that details it.
Wow I am getting some great info from you guys. Thanks so much.. I just may end up getting both a colonel and a boar brush to add to my rotation
Boar brushes are so affordable compared to badgers, it's a relatively low risk to give one a shot. Semogues are fantastic, as are Omegas.
Nope...I ordered mine from Vintage Scent, the have an extensive collection of Semogue's. It got here in two weeks and the shipping was only 2.50 euros.


+1 on Semogue's and Vintage Scent. I have purchased several from Leon, and he is great to work with, plus he is an active member on the board and even helped us set up a custom boar brush from Semoge (thanks again Leon!).

I have a Semoge Owners Club, and its a fantastic brush.

Another great option if you wanted a soap brush is a two band. They have extra backbone and pick up soaps fantastically. Plus if you have a silveritp it will give you some variety. If you do pick up a Simpson in two band, I'd suggest ordering from TheSuperiorShave.com. Jarrod is another great and active board member, but the Simpson Two Bands have had some consistency issues, and some have had a very tall bulb shape that is almost peaky and sharp feeling. Jarrod has been kind enough to take individual pictures of all of his Simpson's so you can pick out a flatter one.

A second option for a two band would be a TGN Extra Stuffed Finest. I also have one of these and I think I prefer it to Simpson Two Band. The hair quality (softness and backbone) is similar, and the knot shapes are more consistent. Not to mention that they are cheaper. My Chubby 2 two band is more dense than even my extra stuffed finest, but it also cost 4 or 5 times as much. You might even have Rudy Vey make you up a custom handle and get your Semogue for about the same price as your Colonel. Just some thoughts.

Good luck on whatever you pick! And although I did not say it, the Colonel should be a great brush if you pick that one. Are you looking at a Best or a Super?
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