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A beautiful re-appreciation for some old standards .....

Hello Dear Friends ..... It's been a beautiful summer and early Autumn here in gorgeous upstate New York, and, as usual, I have been enjoying our wonderful wet shaving hobby to its fullest ! Many fantastic combinations of brushes, soaps, and creams ..... with a terrific potpourri of razors and blades, have resulted in so many sublime shaving experiences for me. Total enjoyment and appreciation for all the great things we share here on Badger & Blade !
But I just want to share with you all how much I've been so happy with the good old fashioned basics ...
Proraso Green cream, lathered with my Simpsons Colonel X2L, and shaved to a BBS result with Edwin Jagger and Feather .... awesome experience each and every time !
Yes indeed, all our new products are truly fantastic and incredibly enjoyable, but ... "back to the basics" ----- Wow !
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We're getting colours in our leaves here too.
Tonight I used a GSB in a LC New, Williams Mug, and a Wee Scot. Finished with Pinaud Clubman.
It's like comfort food.
I took it back to 1971 last night, and used a Trac II with Barbasol. :D (with Clubman to finish)

(just needed a quick touch-up, my Slim awaits tonight!)

And Michigan just EXPLODES with color in Autumn! My favorite time of the year!
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I recently returned from an 8000km road trip. Three weeks of the same slim, brush, Arko, India Wilkies, AV and Nivea balm. I enjoyed each and every shave with those basics. I don't think my drawer full of razors missed me either.
Perfect thread - thanks for sharing, sir, what a positive life confirming note!

Today I had 2 days of stubble (which rarely happens, but I was flying back yesterday from the US to Europe) so I brought out my beloved 30s Raised Flat Bottom OC. Perfect smooth and efficient shave. Sigh :001_tt1:
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