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A 125 Year Old Enterprise Coffee Grinder


"Look what I found"
It could even be older. A Enterprise #7 with a patent date of Oct 21, 1878. I have had and been using for 25 years. It has never failed to deliver a consistent grind. Has a thumb screw to adjust pressure on the burr plates. Tighten the screw till it locks up, loosen 45 degrees for expresso, 90 for drip and 135 degrees for FP. Once the wheel it turning, it tears thru the beans. A nice piece of history that still works great.

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"Look what I found"
Can you do a play by play with pictures on beans to ground? Fascinating

It 19th century rocket surgery.

1-Beans go in the top reservoir.
2-Tighten thumbscrew for burr pressure.
3-Get the wheels turning, ramming speed.
4-Open flow restrictor and let the beans flow.
5-Fresh grounds in the draw.

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"Look what I found"
Would this have been used to grind grain also?

Enterprise did make corn grinders of the same style, but with one large wheel.
When I cleaned this one up, I ran a few pounds of corn to clean up the burr plates before beans.
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