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9 Years In

Hi guys—

I’ve been shaving old school off and on for a long time but everyday for about 9 years or so.

Here’s where I’m at with it—just me personally—FWIW.

2 passes in the shower gets me baby smooth. The equipment and supplies that once were the focus of my attention are routine now and I spend more time thinking about my socks than my soap.

Purchasing has slowed to replenishing only. My go-to’s are an old Gillette Fat Boy, Persona Meds or Feathers, Mitchell’s or Cremo, Simpsons Duke , and Dickinson’s Witch Hazel. I use Proraso as a pre-shave a couple times a week.

After Shave is optional, once or twice a week. Typically a good Bay Rum, Floyd’s amber, or Floris.

When I travel I use a cheap plastic 2-blade throw-away razor and hotel face soap, and get the same great results as I do with my home set-up! I don’t shave like I do because it’s “better”, I just like to.
Congrats on finding what works for you.
I am now twelve years in. At home I use shavettes for every shave (for over two years now) and if I travel by car I use DE.
Congratulations, @RonScott!! 9 Years is an excellent achievement!!

Although I'm still loving everything about my Wet Shaving adventure, especially trying different things, I do have a base that I work from. I'm inclined to think that each of us find something that works for us for regular shaves and use that base to compare the new things we try to.
Nice write up on a simple approach(KISS= Keep It Simple Shaving) and it works for millions of folks, I can't say that for myself but still enjoying the tradional shaving for the last 4 years. Mostly all my gear paid for itself using a different thought approach to shaving and hair trimming.
That's great news, congratulations! I imagine many convert to a minimalist approach at some point.

You know it’s funny. I believe if my father saw what I keep in regular rotation today for shaving he would think I turned out a bit weird. He had a nice TTO Gillette and as I remember I can of Barbasol and some Old Spice in the medicine cabinet. A typical mid-century man. But if he opened my closet and saw all the stuff I bought over the years and do not use regularly I believe he would be quite worried about me!

Times have changed…
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