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8Th day of Xmas (Late): PIF/Drawing for Derby Packs

Alright everyone.. My brother gave me some Turkish Derby Green packs that he didn't use any more. I used one and realized why I love my Astra SP blades.

I've got 8 unopened packs that I'll randomly draw winners from each day using a random number generator for post number.
I will try and draw every day, but I"m a busy person... and shipping will be sometime as I'll need to go grab some stamps)

US only please, no whiners

Good Luck.

Make sure you post in the thread
Ends on jan 6 (first draw today 12-30)
If you want, write a poem about your xmas.. just for some added fun.
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Count me in.

Here's a Christmas haiku I just wrote:

Reindeer all are fed.
The sleigh is washed and waxed.
Christmas come and gone.
Kilgore wins today.. And is not eligible for any more...
Kilgore, please PM me your address and I'll get them out sometime..
Day 2 starts now and will end in around 24hours
Please count me in:)

Christmas poem?

Jingle bells, jingle bells shaving used to suck,
Now I found B&B with DE and I'm awe struck,

Shaving on my face, no longer feels like Mace,
just be sure, to slow down, 'cause it is not a race,

Shaving through the cream, no longer makes me scream,
After all these years, of many tears, shaving's now a dream.

(I had to try, LOL!!)
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Keep on posting everyone.. I will draw day 3 later tonight.. If you haven't won, post a new post each day to be entered (Sorry if I wasn't clear enough earlier)
I'm in.

Let's see if anyone can place this Christmas party toast:

Here's to those who wish us well
And those who don't can go to hell

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