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FS 8/8 Ali’s Blade “Raptor” Square Point Thumb Notch 1/4 Hollow Straight Razor By Cedric Christ

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8/8 Ali’s Blade “Raptor” Square Point Thumb Notch 1/4 Hollow Straight Razor By Cedric Christ

Cedric Christ is a true artisan and his work speaks for it self. In my opinion the US has Tim Zowada and France has Cedric Christ Ali’s Blade. Two of the best custom straight razor makers the world has to offer. Once again, my opinion though I do not believe that I am going out on a limb with this statement.

This razor is no exception. It is beautiful to say the least. The blade is masterfully ground quarter hollow and very thin at the edge. Beautiful Hamon. The Hamon is the evidence showing the painstaking time taken to bring out the spirit of the steel temper line. It’s an east meets west thing and Cedric’s mastery shines through.

The scales are black Micarta with the spacer built into them. Dimensional with silver metal flake like material that shines through. The thumb notch and extended monkey tail makes the blade an extension of your hand. It’s phenomenal. The blade centers perfectly with no flop. Very significant solid balanced feel to this razor. Torx screw pivot for precise adjustment.

Comes Shave Ready to my specs, sharp and smooth. Honed on one piece of tape. Very little use with this razor. Bevel set by Cedric. I touched up the razor recently with a Jnat. No hone wear on the spine.

It’s really difficult to let this one go though it’s the straightest line from point A to B. I’m going to regret it though it is what it is. If you are looking for an Ali’s Blade custom minus the wait time, point of purchase to your door step in two days…here it is. Cheers!

I’m asking $450 PayPal G&S only. USPS Priority Small Box shipping included CONUS. Box and Torx screwdriver included.

Thanks gentlemen. She’s quite the looker. Shaves as good as she looks too. Cheers!
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