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7'o clock super stainless

Tried these blades today for the first time and I have to say I like them. Put them in my IKON slant and it was smooth sailing. Zero irritation. They won't replace my beloved feathers, but I will order more of these blades.
The Russian made green wrapped 7 o'clock are a nice blade.

Try to find some of the black wrapped super plats from India if you want a real treat.

I just finished another series of 4 shaves with the Russian Gillette 7 O’Clock Green Super Stainless blade. All four shaves were excellent: smooth, close, and nick free. I think the poor Russian Greenie is a much under appreciated blade. They tend to take a back seat head to head with the Russian Yellows and Indian Green Permasharps and Indian Blacks. They cost a few pennies more than the Yellows, about the same as the Indian Greens, and less than the Blacks . Still, at about $20/100 shipped, they are a very good blade. I keep some on hand...I enjoy a little variety as long as the quality is there.

As always……YMMV.

I just received a pack of these in a PIF.

I'm doing a new thing for March, not only am I only shaving with OCs but I'm "3017"ing packs of Razors. It's a little early but I started with a pack of Voskhod and next will be the Gillette 7'oclocks (Russia)
Completed the Feb challenge w/ my first use of the 7 O'clock SS. Very content with the blade's performance.
If I stretched every blade that long: my 100-pack will last almost a decade...
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