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    Look here for more description:
    777 Posts PIF

    With this in mind, and because I have reached 777 posts today (not exactly a massive number), but considering it is associated with an important event in my life, I wanted to celebrate with a PIF.

    I will actually be doing seven different PIFs in seven forums:
    1. Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-in
    2. General Shaving
    3. Double Edge Razors
    4. Single Edge Razors
    5. Shaving Brushes
    6. Soaps
    7. General Straights

    All you have to do is say "I'm In."
    This is open to anyone with 50 or more posts, however, if you are international I would simply ask you to cover shipping. Winner will be chosen via random selection in 7 days (3/21/17).

    Thank you B&B Moderators, Stewards and all who make this forum possible.

    Double Edge PIF:
    IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0365.JPG

    1952 (X2) Bakelite Handle Tech
    NDC (1946-1950) Gold Tech with case.

    The X2 is in pristine condition and shaves perfectly. The Gold Tech functions perfectly as well, however, it has some plate loss and a spots on the head plate. It includes one pack of NOS Swedish Klen blades (still in cellophane).
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  2. Good offer - not in.
  3. Great PIF. I'm in.
  4. I'm in! Great PIF!

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  5. I'm in.

    7 PIF's ! I'll be darn!
  6. I'm in

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  7. I'm in

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  8. Misunderstood

    Misunderstood Contributor

    I'm in
  9. Not in, but this must be a PIF record. Well done and most generous.
  10. Fantastic set of razors, although not in. This is a great and generous set of PIFs.

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  11. YKMV

    YKMV Contributor

    Not in on this one, ccpastork, but I congratulate the future winner and enjoyer... I love my Bakelite Tech and bought a spare..
    Checking out the rest of those PIFs.. great idea.
  12. You're welcome! Great PIF, someone will love those! Not in.


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  13. Maven454

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    Not in, but the Tech is a great razor.
  14. Ah, post-war Techs, I'm in! I only have pre-war. :thumbsup:
  15. I'm in!

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  16. nice thought. Not in.
  17. I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.
  18. Pepin

    Pepin Ambassador

    I'm in.
  19. I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity to get a couple of nice vintage razors!
  20. I offer my congratulations. I'm in!

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