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70's Gillette razor question


The thought crossed my mind that it would be nice to seek out a birth year razor (1972) to eventually add to my shave arsenal.

Would any of you easily enough be able to rattle off the line up as it were, for Gillette, 1972? That'll go a long way in helping a newby navigate the vintage waters so I can investigate options. It's a little confusing right now.

For instance: Is a "Black Beauty" the same as another same year razor described as: "Super Adjustable long handle"? (They look the same to me in photos?)

How many models were there for 1972?

Thank you.
My impression is that this point in time, Gillette was looking for ways to cut costs, and the overall quality of their products had begun to decline, more plastics, etc.

That being said, I'm a HUGE fan of Gillette Knacks from this time period. They aren't that well made, and don't command high prices on Ebay, but the balance and the handle work just right. For me. YMMV. Of course.

Thank you for your responses, you've given me a solid start to my search. nuclearblast - very helpful links, appreciate you taking the time to make those.

Much thanks to your guidance, I was able to procure this very nice 1972 S2 adjustable. Exactly the date I'd wanted, and it's in very good condition! :thumbup:

Just had my first shave with it, which went quite well. Geometry is a little different than I'm accustomed to, but all in all, quite pleased with the acquisition. Thanks again fellas!

$1972 Gillette.jpg
I have one in the same year/condition. Probably one of the most handsome shavers in my modest collection (it's my wife's fave).

It just had a turn in the rotation, and although I can get good shaves with a number of blades, it worked very well with a Lab Blue. I just leave it at setting #5 for 2.5(ish) passes.

Nice score!
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