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7 O'clock yellow vs feather

Been trying different blades and shaved with a yellow last night.
First shave that didn't have any irritation or burning. Any thoughts on how the yellow compares to the feather.

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I'm not a fan feathers in my razors, likely one of few. That said, they are certainly good blades. They just aren't smooth enough for my liking. The Gillette 7 O'clocks work quite well in both my EJ89 and Fatboy, although I like the Gillette Silver Blues a bit better. The 7 O'clocks are certainly smoother, in my opinion, than the Feathers.

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In my experience, Gillette Yellow is the smoothest blade I've tried. I always use the yellow in my most aggressive razors to avoid nicks and weepers. Really, it's my favorite blade.

Feather on the other hand requires extreme care to avoid nicks. I like to use the feather (or Kai) in my mild razors.

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Been a firm favourite since I started DE shaving. I would only consider the Voshkod blade smoother on the first shave but this blade comes into its own on the third shave and beyond, giving a superb level of smoothness whilst maintaining its sharp edge for many shaves, haven't found another blade that gives me similar results and longevity.
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