7 o’clock yellow new packaging?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Dan-O, May 15, 2019.

  1. The Russian factory where these and many other blades are produced has been switching over from printing on the blades to etching. As old stocks of printed blades sell out, new stocks of etched ones enter the sales channels.

    Looks like you received newer stock. So that's one more that's switched over. It's probably about the fifth blade type that's coming out this way now. There are still a few we haven't seen yet with etched blades.
  2. For me, the laser etched PPI blades are performing awesomely.
    7 OC Yellow
    Blue/white Platinum
    Blue box Platinum
  3. Cool. Been gone a while. Just wanted to check base.
  4. If PPI St. Pete's modifies even the smallest parameter or shaving characteristic of one of my most beloved blades, I swear I'm hopping on a plane to talk to them myself! :p
  5. Pretty soon every blade that comes out of the PPI factory will be laser etched [only on one side]. They are also changing the logo with the new one. The dot on the "i" is no more a dot.
  6. Good man!! :a21::a21:

    (Glad that I have a good stash of their NOS blades!!)
  7. Yes. Now that the quantity pricing has fallen to 13 bucks via Prime, these have become my standard recommended go-to blades for my newbie recommendation. I formerly recommended Astra SP at 10 bucks, for brand new DE shavers, which is how I started. But now for only a couple bucks more, Yellows are a higher quality blade all around. Sharp, but not too sharp, smooth enough, and very consistent over a given blade's use. What's not to recommend?

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