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6th Ever "Shave Like a Man for an ENTIRE YEAR" ~MLK Day Edition PIF

I would like to shave like my father Former National security and Russian linguist , Air Force 23 yrs during the space race and translated when Russia put a man in orbit ( intercepted radio transmissions) . Frank Ski never forgotten.

Thanks for the opportunity.
I didn't knew what a PIF was before this post, and now I understand why some fellow members were unhappy with the No PIF without Exception rule.

I'm in Shave Trek GRUYERE, so respectfully I'm Not In.
Great and very generous PIF!
I am respectfully not in, but I wanna play too!! 😁

Probably goes without saying, but I wanna shave like Leonard Nimoy 🖖🏼
Sorry Gents, Life got in the way so I got behind on reveals. We've had some correct guesses. These are annotated with asterisks by the name.

Badass Hall of Fame nominees so far:

**carluchi - Charlton Heston
**TexOkie Shaver - James Bond
Zig the Pirate - Chuck Norris
*lancre - Dennis Waterman
Woodwzrd- Arko-man! (Surprised this has never been nominated before)
*borwish - Theodore Roosevelt
dimilano - Mac from Predator
Jwynn912 - Denzel Washington
BGO37 - Man With No Name, aka Blondie, aka, the one armed man (Clint Eastwood in the Dollars Trilogy.)
sliwood's - Badass, Russian Linguist Father (Hat's off to him!)

Now for the next reveal!!!!

The brush for this PIF will be the SOC Boar. Once broken in, this brush lathers like a dream, breaking through even the hardest of soaps, and providing a soft feel with great backbone. Despite owning a couple of nice custom brushes, and more expensive brushes, the SOC in my den continues to get regular use. lancer guessed SOC, she he gets an additional entry.

The razor for this PIF is going the be the Merkur 37C, (More affectionately known as the "Slant"). I normally try to vary the goods from PIF to PIF, but this is my absolute favorite razor, (and I have many razors). It provides a great shave and added control for those tough to reach places (under the nostril). I haven’t experienced a bad blade combo with it. Hope the winner enjoys theirs as much as I do mine.

First soap is actually 4 soaps (this RazoROck 4 Pack). They alone would likely last a year, but that's how we roll. I was gifted a set just like this a year ago and I still haven't burned through it (Teleworking through COVID slowed me down some). Still, these are some hard, long lasting soaps, but they lather and smell awesome. THey could charge twice what they do and I'd still buy them. Hope you like them!

Second soap had to be a little softer. A true classic, Cella! Tried and true, lathers like a dream, wonderful almond smell. I've been 3017 my gear for awhile, so I was sad to see this one go. Rest assured, it will find a way into my den again...

Since we're giving you a boar brush, we need to leverage its backbone. MWF is just the soap for that. A lanolin based soap leaves a different face feel that I enjoy. The scent is mild, but pleasant. THis puck will last you awhile!

It’s not too late to get in on this!
A tremendous PIF!! Respectfully, I must decline to enter.
I currently have a great brush (Gray Dog) and razor (WCS 84S) so I don't need any more, at this time.
Between 27 Jan and 05 Feb, I will receive 28 tucks, totaling 180 blades via the USPS from Amazon.
I have enough Proraso Green tube soap and A/S to go well into 20210.
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