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6 Semogue impressions after short break in

Kudos to the OP for a good review. Semogue boar brushes are my favorites too. I've tried both much more expensive badger brushes and less expensive omega boars but those just don't work as well for me. I've settled (for now) into a two brush rotation of:
Semogue 1305
Semogue 1250

The 1305 is my favorite. Very soft and great backbone. The 1250 almost as good and I do like the natural wood handle a bit better than the painted wood one of the 1305.

Both are great values.
I have a 1305. My impressions are that A) it takes a long time to break in apparently and B) face lathering is challenging because this brush eats a lot of soap. I'm hoping it will be better when it is broken in. If not it will get little use from me.
You didn't have them listed but the 610, 1438 and the 1470 are all outstanding brushes.
I recently bought a Simpsons Berkeley 46 and it just can't compare to my three Semogues.

I did list the 1470 and agree. Great little brush! Considering the 610 even though I have the 620 . . .


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Thanks for the great reviews. I almost never face lather any more - and I think it's important to state that up front when talking about brush preferences.

My first boar was the B&B Essential (omega) and it's a fine face lathering brush once you get past that disgusting Omega funk. As a bowl lathering brush it's a dud.

After reading too many great reviews I purchased the cherry SOC boar. I liked it so much I added the ash handle - my favorite handles by a long shot, by the by. I alternate these virtually every day of the week, with another brush thrown into the mix about once every two weeks. And I've got some nice brushes (Kent BK8, B&B 2 band, etc.).

I've added the SOC badger and it has that great handle and is an inexpensive badger, but it seems more of a face lathering brush to me - which pretty much means it sits on the shelf most of the time. Nice soft tips for a brush of this nature. For my scuttle it's a little small with a little too much backbone.
I have 12 Semogues and wouldn't part with any of them. I very rarely face lather, but when I do, the smaller ones-1470 and 620 are great. Of course, I have about the same amount of Omegas and wouldn't part with any of them also!
I have am 830 (love it), an SOC (love it), and an SOC 2-BAND (love it). I too think you gave up too soon on the 830. I hated mine for 10 or 20 shaves and almost retired it. It didn't lather well, wasn't soft and had terrible flow through. One day, after it had sat idle for a couple weeks or so, I picked it up and it rewarded me with a wonderfully soft face lather. Ever since I am always treated to a great shave whenever it comes up in the rotation. It's competing with some pretty nice badgers too.

Fortunately for you, it's not an expensive brush, so if you ever have regrets it won't break the bank to get another.
I have two 1250 Semogue, both broken in. I do not have any issues with them in terms of water absorbing or amount of lather they will hold. They are great smaller knots.
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