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Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by Mjairo, Nov 28, 2018.

    Picked up a macca root shave cream for 8 bucks plus tax, free shipping. Slow shipping but free =)
  1. Great shaving cream IMO
  2. Bought $50 worth of stuff but it was 40% now. The shave cream was $9.
  3. Feeding my shaving shopping addiction... Argh. Had to jump in and buy it, it is a sale after all. Lol.

    Hope I like the smell. Never even heard of a Maca Root. Also, any idea how well the scent lasts post-shave?


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  4. The missus confiscated my Maca Root. Had to pick up more during this sale, but she’ll probably snag it too.
  5. Lol. You need a hiding space for your most prized soaps then?

    So is the scent good? I read earthy with a bit of sweetness. Also, do you find it lasts?

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  6. My sniffer doesn’t work real good, so take my descriptions with a grain of salt. To me it didn’t smell like what I would call earthy. It had a strong, sharp scent but I couldn’t identify what it smelled like. It is the old formula.

    The scent was stronger in the tub and mellowed nicely when shaving. I paired it with Nivia ASB and it worked great. I’ve read the new formula is not as strong smelling. It’s not a hard soap but lasts a decent amount of time. It is a 6oz tub and my wife covers a lot more real estate than I do.
  7. I have the Maca Root face wash. It smells OK. I would say more medicinal than, say, a cat fart.
  8. Lol. Good to know. Not certain how medicinal a cat fart is, but there's another mystery I have for the list.

    I found this in another forum... So it gives me a pretty good idea of what to expect...

    "I describe it as sort of exotic and woodsy, but fresh. Reminds me a lot of aloe, greenery, and South American rainforests. It's a noticeable fragrance when mixing it up and applying it, but it isn't overpowering. The residual fragrance is pleasant - not soapy or perfumey. "

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