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    $5 shipping on all order within the Continental U.S. has been continued until 9/30/2010! Our inventory reduction sale is drawing to a close as we have almost met our goal but new additions have been made to the 50% off category including "Heather and Aloe", "Hawaiian Honey" and "Pink Passionfruit Perfume" just today! Others were added earlier this week...

    The final production batches of our "English Style" Premium Shaving Cream have are nearly ready but there's still time for your input in the scent department! Musk is already made but five other batches have not been scented yet! In the English tradition scents like, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood and Violet are being considered but also scents from my "Masculine" section including "Fougere" my "fern" type fragrance. Let me know if there is a particular scent you may fancy and I'll see what I can do! I am eager to be able to present them to you but I also want to give the project enough time to ensure that Stone Cottage Soapworks "Premium Shaving Cream" meets our high standards and yours!

  1. Unless you have some mind blowing new take on Lavender, Rose and Sandalwood I would say skip it completely. I'm not trying to completely rain on your parade but I am absolutely against the thought of trying any more versions of these same old scents. I can name 20 other brands that carry these scents already and do them good enough for me not to want to try any others regardless of how good the "new one" is supposed to be.

    However, if you were to provide something that no one else provides scent wise it seems to me that the sales would literally fall into your lap. Vetiver and Bay Rum immediately jump to mind as well as some variations on mint and cedar (without lemon). The only vetiver cream I have seen for sale is Cyril Salter and the only Bay Rum cream I have seen for sale is "The Bomb". The lack of competitors with regards to these scents should be a big plus I would imagine.

    Musk is a great scent choice by the way, can only think of one or two other musk scents out there (Old Spice & Vulfix).
  2. Hi,
    Are your soaps for shaving or for general use?
  3. I concur with others that the traditional floral scents aren't worth touching. I'm all floraled out.

    I would like to see something along the lines of the Ralph Lauren Safari shave puck. RL stopped making it in the late 90's or early 2000's and there are a handful left on Amazon right now. There is a review on BB.

    Alternatively, something scented like the Versace below would be magnificent as it strikes a rather light oceanic and masculine aroma at the same time. If Aqua di Parma is the lot of the aristocratic English gentleman then this Versace scent is the province of the contemporary 30ish American male. It is a good alternative to the more prevalent Spanish Leather scent that you get a lot of during the fall and winter months, yet can hold it's own during the spring and summer as well because it's not overpowering. Here is the link. The Pour Homme is what I am referring to. The cologne is tremendously wonderful, but they only have an aftershave balm and no cream. If you can develop a cream or soap I'd be interested in snapping up a few pucks/jars.

  4. Thanks for your replies.

    I am not limiting myself to just six scents and can do some of the more traditional scents that were mentioned as well as some of my own original scents that you will find here:


    The soap that I have for sale currently is bar soap used for general washing (although I am told some have used it for shaving) and I will be doing a shave soap in the near future. I am currently shipping within the continental United States only.

    I don't do "designer" scents but rather come up with my own which you will find at the above link. Examples are : "Cedre Noire (Black Cedar)" " Citrus Tonic" "Fougère (Fern)" "Hespéride" "Leather & Smoke" " Sandalwood Lime and Gingergrass Spice" "Spiced Myrrh" " Suède de Kashmir" "Vanille de Sainte-Marie" "Vetiver and Vanilla" most of which are original creations or my take on a fragrance category like "Fougère (Fern)" and "Hespéride".

    I would be happy to hear more suggestions or preferred choices from the above mentioned scents. Thanks again for your interest and remember, I am not limiting myself to just 6 scents and can do 12 or 18 if I choose to. It is all about you and "what the market will bear"!

  5. Folks,

    Just a reminder that there are four days left to take advantage of the $5 shipping here at Stone Cottage Soapworks! :w00t:

  6. Wouldn't mind seeing another Sea Buckthorn scented soap, other then Muhle, also a Shave soap version of your Pumpkin Pie( never tried it) but it sounds good.

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