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4711 Question

I need opinions on 4711 Cologne since I hinted this would make a nice XMAS present for myself.

Did I do the right thing?
I like 4711 and use it as an aftershave. The scent doesn't really hang around on me. Five-ten minutes tops.

But it's a good scent.

4711 has a nice simple citrus scent that lasts about an hour on me. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and cool. Altogether worth the $10 I pay for the small bottle that lasts about two months.

Best Regards

I saw this stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond, one of their stores near me has the Healthcare section. They also had the BIG BOTTLE of Pinaud Lilac Veg. for the same price as the small one I've seen elsewhere. They had pretty much every drugstore cologne and a/s you could think of. Bic Metals and VDH Select soap too. Wilkinson sword DE blades too, as some folks around here might be interested in those things.. :001_rolle

Thanks for the input. I saw it at Walmart for very cheap(compared to online stores) Someone in my family I believe is giving it to me at XMAS as one of my presents which of course I deserve:001_rolle
I like it better than Speick. The scent is nice and refreshing in the morning but it does not linger, you can still use a cologne if you prefer.
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