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FS '46-'47 Aristocrat

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This cost me too much to hang on to. It's a bit too mild for my tastes. Trying to get what I paid for it, $45 + shipping. I'll throw in 20 Voskhod and 5 Rockwell blades, unopened of course. I would also consider a trade for a very good condition Red Tip only with a bit of $. I already have one in not good condition and don't really need anything else.

It looks to me to be in pretty good condition, minimal plate loss, functions perfectly. I highlighted with the pictures any imperections. It comes with the case and blade bank.

If I'm traveling in the states, this is the one that comes on the road with me. Versatile as it can mow down 2 days growth with ease, or touch up in the evening for a special dinner date. I think I paid about the same amount for mine and that was without a case.
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