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45th Parallel aftershave - our most common request

Our number one request has been, "Hey - how come you don't have a 45th Parallel aftershave?"

Good question as we do have that popular scent in our balm, our shaving cream, and our shaving soap. The short answer is that we are working on it! And actively so, I can assure you. Development has been under way for a bit now and The Captain is doing his best to narrow down formulations. There will soon be two of them available for evaluation. Small vials of the two formulations will be mailed out to a limited number of volunteers for feedback. Watch this sub-forum for the chance to be one of the lucky volunteers!

I really like the scent too but I am not sure tn AS in this scent would fit me. Like the Lime for a friut and bay rum for more daily use.
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