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40 shaves in 40 nights

Most of the rankings are based on a single use so take with a bucket of salt.

Wow! Pretty extensive, and I like the way you used the symbols to grade the products. You put a lot of work into this, thanks for sharing.


modern man

Wow! mild case of OCD we have here.

I feel bad for you bro! once u pop you cant stop. :lol:

Very nice post, after you get a few more goes with that stuff under your belt make sure you do a full review. :thumbup1:


Moderator Emeritus
SA - I enjoyed reading over your list. You may have a correction to make. I don't believe Mama Bear has a Rose cream. Maybe you meant another manufacturer. Keep us posted.
Thank you for sharing your Experience, Strength, and Hope.

Now, after all of those "40 Shaves in 40 Nights", what have you come to admit? and, what amends do you have to make?

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