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FS 4 Vintage Gillettes

Four vintage Gillettes for sale. Please add $4.00 for help with CONUS shipping. International shipping would probably be more expensive than the razors, so I doubt that would be worth anyone’s time.

The first one is a pre-war fat-handled Tech, the model with the triangle holes on the guard that are said to be more aggressive than the later models. Cosmetically, it is user-grade, but mechanically sound. The head screws on tightly and shaves great. These Techs are great for beginner wet-shavers since they aren’t likely to cause nicks and cuts on the face, but can still give a great shave for seasoned wet-shavers. The old cardboard box is very rough as you’d expect for 80 year old cardboard and cellophane. I’ll take $12 plus $4.00 shipping for it.


The second razor is a post-war Fat-handled Tech. It is also user-grade cosmetically, but also screws on tightly and shaves great. $10 plus shipping.



The third one is a WW2 era Gillette Tech with the bakelite or plastic (looks like bakelite to me) handle. The head shows some cosmetic signs of use, but the handle is quite nice. Perfect working condition. $17.00 plus shipping.


Gillette Techmatic razor in its original case. It’s in good condition and the indicator arrow shows it’s on number 4 blade out of at least 6 that shows on the window at this time. I don’t know much about these, but I see the bands listed on ebay that are both Gillette and Schick bands. $5.00 plus shipping.



More pictures upon request


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The Pre-War and Post-War Tech are sold. The WW2 era bakelite Tech and Techmatic are still available
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