4 of the 5 best 9mm Handguns on the planet are striker fired pistols

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    Absolutely agree, Bar-Sto makes great barrels.
  1. This is a telling, stock-aftermarket barrel video, Okie’:
  2. Mine is never a pain. I just know that I need to keep it clean and lubed for it to remain reliable. I carry it often and since I may have to defend my life with it, I treat it well.
  3. Who determines "best", and how do you separate best from I like or prefer??
    That's easy. I determine Best and what I like and prefer IS best.

    It really is that easy though some others might think differently. They are, of course, wrong!

    Of course, but only if you agree with me!
  4. Couldn’t agree more with you and what jar_ said earlier, jkingrph.

    And I’m beginning to think that my 1911s may be defective because they always have and continue to run like scalded dogs.
  5. Not in a striker fired, but in a Browning Hi Power. I had a Bar-Sto installed along with Cylinder&Slide's CNC milled hammer and sear, after I just could not get one of their extended safties in. I had already installed one of their wide triggers which eliminated that infernal magazine safety, probably one of the best mods going for that gun. That all gave it a fantastic trigger, and with the barrel excellent accuracy. Some years back there was someone making a cut down compact model I think for the FBI or some Federal agency. I wish I could have afforded one but was getting my son ready for college and had more important things to worry about.
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    FM had a compact model based on their M-95 HP clone.
  7. This is the same philosophy I use towards the wife. :)
  8. Good video Mr. Jackson.

    But...if you have to use an aftermarket barrel you don't have the glock Perfection.

  9. Heh! In the spirit of good Forum debate, I have several issues with your several issues.

    Colt was producing striker fired pistols as far back as 1908. I have a Model 1908 .25 ACP. I also currently have an Astra Model 1916 on hand and once had a Beretta Model 1919. I have an Austrian friend who has a dandy Roth Steyr Model 1907. There were a number of striker fired pistols in use prior to World War I. I don't know who introduced the very first striker-fired handgun but it's certain to be found somewhere with the first decade of the 20th century rather than in any Heckler & Koch design.

    Hammer fired vs. striker fired: what are the tradeoffs? - www.GrantCunningham.com
    A pretty good, evenhanded look at hammer-fired versus striker fired. My money's still on hammer-fired even after reading Grant Cunningham's article for I hold the view that hammer-fired produces a more effective primer strike and striker-fired could be more susceptible to tired springs. Tend to springs when one should and there should be no problem, but what if one doesn't ... or can't.

    Only nitwits would carry a loaded 1911 with the hammer down. Nitwits can't be helped if they are too foolish to learn how to properly use a 1911. The 1911-gun (or any similar Browning inspired design) is perfectly safe "when used as directed."

    I had no idea how fast the 1911 may be taken down until making a "speed event" out of it at someone's suggestion. Seven seconds from beginning to scattered on the kitchen table. He claimed to be even faster.



    They go back together pretty much in the time-honored reverse order. The 1911 just isn't hard. Isn't hard that is unless it's been customized or modified into the ground.

    To continue the hypothetical: "If I were going off to war and needed a gun that I could rely on to protect my life in any weather and be easy to use and care for..." Thankfully at my age I'm not going off to war but if I did, I'd chose a 1911 gun for personal use if given the choice rather than to carry the choice of every police department and military. Goes back to what my mother used to as in reply when I told her: "But, everybody's doing it."

    "If everybody is jumping off the ridge row of the roof on their heads, does that mean you should too?"

  10. Sure you do. Lead cast bullets just aren't perfect. :)
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    Can't improve on the most perfect handgun ever made. Ruger Blackhawk with both 357 and 9mm cylinders. Don't know why you would want a wimpy 9mm, unless it is for your grandmother to shoot on family range day. Guess revolvers are not tacticool, not a lot of aftermarket swag for them, but never had a malfunction with one.
  12. Revolver malfunction. Once. BIG one though.
    S&W Model 28. Mainspring snapped in two. Rumor was it had to do with bad heat treating.
  13. Ah, but there was a follow-up video & in it, good ol’ Hickok dials things down a wee bit and discovers that the polygonal factory barrel stabilizes hot DoubleTap 200gr HCs with deadly accuracy!

    The upside to Bar-Sto barrels are tighter tolerances, fully supported chambers, lead/reloader-friendly L&G rifling & of course, improved accuracy. Factory Glock barrels have roomier chambers for one reason & one reason only, dependability.
  14. I can hear it now: “Timeout, timeout!!” “Stop shooting at me so that I can reload this smoke wagon!!”

    Just kidding!! My .30 Carb NM Blackhawk has quickly become a favorite handgun.
  15. Twas Hugo Borchardt & his assistant, Georg Luger who, in 1892-93 designed the first self-loading, striker-fired production pistol, the C93. No surprise, their German pedigree, eh?

  16. Well there ya' go.


    C93 Borchardt
  17. Luger is striker-fired too. I have a Luger around here. Forgot about that one.
  18. That is one sexy six shooter!
  19. Why can't I find that video? Ya gotta link?

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