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#4 LA Shaving Bespoke soap- made just for you!

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In Memory of Sue Moore

We know you've been waiting for it.....so here it is!

Please join us for the 3rd annual Auction in memory of our dear friend Sue Moore!!

Sue Moore touched the lives of many people here at B&B. She was with us from the beginning, helping to build the foundation of this online community. For those unaware, Sue was the owner and soap maker at Saint Charles Shave. Always willing to lend a kind word or offer support, Sue was a good friend to the site. Sue Moore has passed but her presence on B&B remains. In celebration of Sue’s life and legacy, we hold this auction with the proceeds going directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Your generous donations to last year’s auction raised over $18,000.

In continued celebration of Sue's life and to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we are proud to offer this LA Shaving custom soap- the winning bidder will have the opportunity to work with John, the proprietor of The Los Angeles Shaving Soap company to create his/her own custom shaving soap, including the standard L.A.S.S. Co. vegan shaving soap recipe, plus a custom scent designed to meet the winning bidder's wishes. This will involve a discussion of the bidder's ideas, plus up to 3 iterations of the scent, which will be shipped to the winning bidder for his/her approval. (Addition of additional products such as clay, moisturizing agents, etc. may be considered, subject to the winning bidder's desires and the manufacturer's discretion.) Once the scent and any other additives are selected, the winning bidder will receive 10 4.5oz tubs of his/her custom manufactured bespoke shaving soap. This will likely either be several years worth of shaving soap for the winning bidder, or make for some unique gifts.

Remember 100% of the proceeds of these auctions go to FIGHT CANCER!

The Rules:

1. All bids must be placed in this thread. Any post that does not contain a bid will be removed.

2. This auction will end on October, 22 12:00 Noon EDT. The auctions have a soft ending - Should a bid be made less than five minutes before the scheduled end time, the auction will be extended for one additional hour. Sorry folks, no sniping!

3. The winner will be acknowledged in this thread. Your payment will be made HERE

4. All decisions made by the B&B team are final.

Now, without further ado, do I have an opening bid ?

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I can't, Harry. This soap is just too good. I can't wait to see how the scent of my new soap comes out.

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In my small village of Motoyoshi we have a saying, おだづなよ! And it roughly translates to...

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