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3rd time to straight razor rodeo

This is my third time to the straight razor rodeo. First time, mid 80s, second 2011-12ish. Went back to cartridge mostly out of convenience. Why did I start? Masculine skill ego trip – shave with a straight razor and tie my own bow tie. I got enough skill in shaving to not cut myself so much, but less confident on honing. Ditto for second, but better with shaving. Still struggling with honing now, but more skilled with shaving. I’m sure most of us have the toughest beard and most likely trouble in moustache and goatee area. I’ve learned the grain of my beard and adjusted second or more passes to get bbs results on most else. But I’m an old man now, mid 70s, and skin is more fragile and heals slower. Why do I persist when cartridge is so much quicker, safer, and pretty darn clearn? This time I’m more aware of my hobby as a link to history, a sort of personal living history exhibit. I have my father’s razor, though it’s a slim and old 3/8; it saw him through WWII. I had his strop but it hardened and disintegrated. There’s something about connecting to past ways of doing things using older technologies and skills. The ride continues, bucking bronco and all.
I personally have no issue with masculine ego trips as a reason - grin. We are men, after all. However, if you do not take to an SR right away, there are other options that can give you a very comfortable shave besides an SR. There are safety razors that can be a step up from cartridges, in my opinion. This can help you ease the pressure on your face, preparing you for the SR shaves. Also, as already mentioned, getting the SR to the right sharpness is key. There are some here on the forums that are really good at getting the right edge. Glen at Gemstar Razors is one that can create an amazing edge.
May I suggest you get yourself a new or vintage 5/8 or 6/8 razor that is shave ready or have it honed by @Doc226. The diamond paste on balsa Method is an excellent way to maintain a shave-ready edge. Then get yourself a Gold Dollar or used beater off eBay, and a few stones, and learn to hone. After your honing improves, you may or may not decide to continue to use the Method.

The honing just takes lots of practice. What stones do you currently have?
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