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3P pre/post cream mystery

I never really used a pre shave before, Proraso here and there, I just ordered a large 300ML jar to go along with my 1kg Vitos green soap.

3P, based on my research, seems to get more praise than Proraso as both a pre/post shave cream. I was going to get it but I saw it has parabens, I try to avoid them in my personal care products along with soybean oil (which is in Noxzema).

However, here is the mystery, based on internet pictures of ingredients list the 100ML jar has no parabens and the 500ML and 1KG jars do. I ended up emailing the parent company in Italy, Laboratorio Natura, asking if 3P, specifically the 500ML jar has parabens, they replied saying it does not. Many online stores seem to differ though. I also emailed Italian Barber to see if they know of any re-formulations or can also confirm.

Any insight?

Italian Barber got back to me with a photo of the 500ML jar ingredients list. It looks like a lot of websites have old stock or photos.


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I've been using 3P for around several years now. In fact my current tub is the 500gr one and is only half empty even though it was opened on the 19th sept 2021 (wrote on the bottom of the tub) i can genuinely say that it lets you have an easy shave, and helps heal the skin after the shave. The scent may not be as strong as Proraso, and it may be a little thinner, but for me it wins hands down.
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