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$38 The Art of Shaving Starter Kit w/ Badger Brush

Does anyone know how good or how big the brush is that comes with the $38 starter kit at The Art of Shaving? Its a very nice looking brush and its geniune badger, but I can't tell if its full sized in the picture.


I've never seen in person/touched this brush, but as a starter brush I can imagine it would do the trick.

I do use the AOS balm (which is a favorite of mine) and soap. I've tried samples of the cream, which also works well. The oil, on the other hand, did not work well for me.
I have seen the brush and it is pretty small...I have never used it though. If you have a Nordstrom nearby you can possibly see it in person. I am sure others will chime in...
I hope these pix help you make this important decision. Something to keep in mind is that you are comparing apples and oranges. The C&E is a BEST badger, whereas the AOS is a PURE (Black) badger. Despite some expert opinions, the difference is extreme in use. Here you have a front on and an overhead. I put the QEDman Shave Sticks in the pix for a size comparison.
I have one and hate it, the tips are cut to shape, the ends seem too stiff but the overall hairs seem fairly soft.
I don't have a CE, but I would reccomend that based on what others have said.
Just my opinion
Hi Johnny, like Setherd, i own the set (my first brush/set when i first started out last year) and i also do not like it. I eyeball the knot to be 19mm, its not dense or soft, and after about a month of use, the brush hairs and plug flew right off like a projectile while i was flicking it to dry. :w00t: I do not suggest you buy this set if you have any intention of being a wetshaver.
Despite the negative reviews, I was impressed that the brush itself is full height, even though the knot is smaller. I believe that for the same price, the C&E Best Badger is a far superior brush.

But the AOS Kit would make an excellent gift set if you had a $40 budget.
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