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34c vs 38c - Barberpole or Shorty McFat?

Barberpole, yay or nay?!

  • Yay (gimme gimme that 38!)

    Votes: 3 12.5%
  • Nay (little bottle of poison, 34)!

    Votes: 21 87.5%

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So guys, which do you prefer? The chrome finish seems slightly better on 38c, and the 116g seems appealing. Cast your vote badum tsssss.
While I don't use closed combs, I can definitely say I would recommend a 37c over a 39c, therefore I say go for the 34 unless you have larger hands.
My hands are not large and yet I've always preferred larger, heavier razors with longer handles. As with everything related to shaving, it's incredibly personal. Just have to try things to find what resonates.
Just to add; I love my 34C (G for me actually). I do wonder about the 38 version though and was hard pressed in my initial decision between the two since I had used neither when making that choice
With the only difference being the handle, is the difference a preference of any shaving-quality consequence?
Good point. I also had a dilemma about choosing between the 38C or 34C, 37C or 39C; went for the 34C and 37C and I think those were the right choices. If you have very large hands I can see the larger handle being a better choice.
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