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300+ MEMBERS!!! Lift Up Your Razor In Celebration!!!!


I would like to give a hearty welcome and thanks to everyone who is making this forum what it is today! Each and every one of you is a vital part of this community!

Please take time to pass on Kudos to Joel and Nick for all their hard work in making this place possible!

The best way to show your appreciation is to take time to have a celebratory shave! If you've already shaved today, get excited and have another one!

Please reply to this thread sharing the shaving combination you used to celebrate this historical B&B moment. I'll start off.

Schick Adjustable Injector with Schick Blade
Saville Row SR-208 Super Badger
L'Occitane Cade Shaving Soap
L'Occitane Cade Aftershave Balm
L'Occitane Eau des 4 Voleurs EdT

If we all shave at once, perhaps we can feel the weight of the earth shifting as the whiskers fall...:idea: Wait a second, that won't work.:huh:

Congrats to all!
Well, in anticipation of this great event, this morning I broke from my regularly scheduled shaving cream to try out my new T&H shaving soap for the first time. (Sure it counts, Rik. :biggrin:) Very nice stuff!

Merkur Progress + Israeli blade
Savile Row 3226 brush
T&H luxury shaving soap
Em's Place lavender / rose hydrosol
Fruit of the Earth "100%" aloe gel (How can it be 100% aloe if other ingredients are listed? :001_huh:)

Scotto said:
If we all shave at once, perhaps we can feel the weight of the earth shifting as the whiskers fall...:idea: Wait a second, that won't work.:huh:

Congrats to all!
Congrats and well-done! Things are growing at such a pace, I think I'll go buy some Merkur stock.

In honor of the momentous occasion:

T&H Ultimate Comfort Pre-shave Oil
Merkur Futur/Merkur blade, set at 4.5
Custom Shavemac, 21mm
DR Harris Arlington Creme
Thayer Lavender Witch Hazel
T&H Classic Aftershave Balm
Floris Vetiver EDC

My alpha set-up, at the moment.

Fantastic! Here's the setup I used this morning (funny how I've pared it back to the real basics):

Merkur HD Classic w/ standard Merkur blade
Shavemac SMF Brush
Taylor's Rose Cream (hot pot method)

Fabulous shave, fitting of the occasion. And my backordered T&H Grafton cream arrived today!

A little late to the game, but my celebratory shave included:

B&B Stick
Merkur Vision
L'Occitane CADE A/S
B&B Cologne (I've been hoarding my sample)

Nick, that's funny--I've been hoarding my B&B sample too!

I'm looking forward to ordering more when it becomes available.

We'll be at a thousand in no time.

I love this part of the thread. The punctuation and pace make it seem a bit flat, like it is delivered in a matter-of-fact way, such as heard while reading the price of orange juice futures. I can't tell if the post was excited about this or depressed by the idea that soon his world would expand beyond his daily ability to control it. I choose the latter.

Imagine, if you will, a closeknit community of only 300 shavers, bonded here in tonsorial bliss, a shivering, huddled mass railing against the dying of the wetshaving light as the locomotive Gillette Juggernaut bore down on them from across the frozen, unenlightened steppes of middle-classdom. Now, amongst this group, there are no strangers. Each is an equal, valued for his own contribution and vital to the survival of the others. But as other pilgrims begin to stream into this small haven of shaving, this Free Zone of razors, they bring with them new cultural norms, attitudes, beliefs, skills, and knowledge. The contribution of each member, his identity, is eventually diminished until there is no way to recognize the individual efforts of each man, and instead the community (d)evolves into collective effort. Our pioneer, having foreseen this, becomes forlorn at the fact that he no longer recognizes all the faces, no longer sees all friends all day long because the sheer volume of citizens now overshadows his meager human capability of remembrance.

Oh, what a bleak and desolate winter of wetshaving he has foretold in those blissful beginning days! Take heed, traveler, and go not quietly, but loudly proclaim to all before you that the power of the minority is the justness of their cause. Better face care for all men, better living for all!
classic post right here.........a tribute shave!!!!! NFM scrub, slim w/ RP Personna, KMF unscented, Humphrey's WH, NFM sensitive, AV classic........
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