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FS 30 mm brushes and straights

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1. Osiris 10/8- 300
2.Drew Dick 7/8 damascus with custom camel bone/ mammoth accent scales-300
3. Williams kamisori- 150
4. Pladain 30mm-300
5. Brooks bros/ simpson. Restored by rudy reyes w tgn knot- 200
6. Chubby 3 estimated made in the 70s. Original knot to my knowledge- 300

All negotiable. More pics with serious interest. Pp. Prices are net to me. U.S. only
20200611_213930.jpg 20200611_213638.jpg 20200611_213736.jpg 20200611_213904.jpg 20200611_213919.jpg
Not open for further replies.