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3 x English aristocrat id's please

can someone please ID my English Aristocrats?

the black case/blue felt i think is easy #21 (73.2g)

the silver case/red felt is either a #15 or #21 (73.4) but the case is throwing me off, it doesn't seem right

the tan case/green felt, is this a 4th gen #22 (74g)

blue case.JPG
red case.JPG
tan case.JPG



Hannah's Dad

I Can See Better Than Bigfoot.


The Aussie Bulldog
Nice scores Newo. Did you pick them up in the wild or have you had them for some time?


Hi Newo,

In your 2nd pic: Left one is a matched #66 set, Right one is indeed a matched #21 set. The middle set is a mismatch, with a 2nd generation Aristocrat razor in a New RFB #88 case (the no-knurling top lid is the giveaway, see pic). Via Dan’s noted link in post #2 you can read more about the story on the British Aristocrats including what is behind those confusing # monikers.

Enjoy your wonderful razors :thumbup1:

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