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3" Wide Hone Ya Mama Seems Pretty Cheap for a Jnat

Slash McCoy

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I just thought some of you rock rubbers might want to check this link out. I was shopping for the large size 1k/6k King cause I will soon be honing a batch of about 120 razors plus about 5lbs of vintage razors and I want to just do the finishing on film. Ran across this thing and for the size, it is cheaper than a coticule. But they look sorta like Guangxi Greys.



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I've seen those before. They're probably hard compacted blue/gray stones and may be fine with Mikawa naguras and/or a diamond plate for slurry. But you can buy the equivalent or better from Takeshi-San or Alex just as cheaply or more cheaply. CKTG and Fendrihan sells or sold a 5x3 "Ozuku" similar to these for $80-ish.

Cheers, Steve
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