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3 PIF’s (at least one will be OCONUS)

I would like to be in on 1 & 2, having never tried either type.
From Minnesota. Currently the only state which is not controlled by a single political party. Though unfortunately that doesn't seem to have encouraged much bipartisanship
Fantastic PIF(s), but must opt out, I have two great razors, and no place to store any more, at this time!
Oh heck, I'm in for #3. I'm in Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia. I'd say the best thing about living here is the access to all of the history and culture available. Thanks!


Not in, but incredibly generous dude! I'm from Illinois. There's not too much one can say about the state these days that is flattering. The best part about this state is the majority of my immediate family lives within a 50 mile radius of my home.
I'd like to throw my hat in for PIF#3.
I just started DE shaving 2 weeks ago with Wilkinson Sword Classic and am starting to get the hang of it (I think).

Everyone talks about how awesome the Gillette Superspeed and a Tech are.... they are as rare as hens teeth up here in Alberta Canada...

..just slightly more rare than OCONUS PIFs. :badger:
I’m in on PIF #3 please. I’m in Massachusetts. Best of luck with the straight razor shaving. Outside my league at the moment - I can do enough damage with a “safety razor”!
Thanks for a great PIF

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L.A. Jones

The winners are:
1. Pepin
2. Clay S
3. Levue
Bonus winner: NPK (I will find you a Tech and maybe a Superspeed)

Winners need to PM me their full name and address. OCONUS folks, especially, please send me the address exactly as it needs to appear on the package.

Thanks to everyone for playing.
My friend, thank you very much for your consideration, but I as wrote in a previous post, I decided to opt-out in favour of some other user that appears to be in need of a razor. :badger::thumbup: